Welcome to John Dewey Kindergarden

          Our curriculum is designed to help the child to learn and enhance life skills with fun filled activities. The kids are taught to recite rhymes and tell stories. They identify colours, shapes, fruits, vegetables, animals, birds, flowers and insects. Children love to play indoor and outdoor games.

       Parents orientation programs are conducted frequently and valuable parenting tips are given to them by experts. Parents are informed of the child’s activities in school by SMS and messages.

         Live videos of kids’ activities in school are shared with the parents. Special games and activities are conducted for parents to encourage and motivate them.


Every child has a gift. We locate the gift and make it the child’s strength.

Our focus in on the sensory motor development and the social development of the child.

A kid in John Dewey Play school identifies the school bag, the things inside, learns the lunch time routine, folding the napkin and putting everything back after the meal is over.

The child’s language skill develops faster as they interact with many children, of their own age.